The Bad Bitch Business Bible: 10 Commandments To Break Free Of Good Girl Brainwashing And Take Charge Of Your Body, Boundaries, And Bank Account

  • Author: Lisa Carmen Wang
  • Narrator: Emily Woo Zeller
  • Publisher: HarperCollins USA
  • Duration: 7:11:45


Champion gymnast turned serial entrepreneur and investor Lisa Carmen Wang empowers women to break free of Good Girl Brainwashing—perfectionism, people-pleasing, permission-asking—to become their most authentic and powerful selves.

“A woman steps into her full power not when she is finally given permission to do so, but when she realizes she never needed it in the first place.”

Lisa Carmen Wang was raised to be a good girl, praised for her obedience, politeness, modesty—traits that became the bedrock of her personality. But as she grew up, the never-ending pursuit of being the perfect good girl left her feeling hollow, despite her achievements as a champion gymnast, straight-A student, and Ivy League graduate. Her fears of failure and rejection and her worries about other peoples’ opinions held her back from embracing her most authentic and powerful self at work and in life.

But all that changed when Lisa realized she was capable of so much more; that deep inside a Bad Bitch was waiting to be unleashed.

The culmination of decades of training as an elite athlete, business leader, serial entrepreneur, and certified executive coach, The Bad Bitch Business Bible is Lisa’s no-holds-barred guide for women who want to break free of Good Girl Brainwashing and take charge of their bodies, boundaries, and bank accounts. Interweaving intimate personal stories with large life lessons, Lisa shows you how to transform from insecure good girl to unapologetic Bad Bitch so you can start earning the money, power, and respect you deserve. 

Whether you’re launching your first business, transitioning in your career, trying to find your community, or making a life change, The Bad Bitch Business Bible is an invaluable resource that teaches you how to tap into the most powerful version of yourself and become the Bad Bitch you were born to be.