Permission To Offend: The Compassionate Guide For Living Unfiltered And Unafraid

  • Author: Rachel Luna
  • Narrator: Rachel Luna
  • Publisher: HarperCollins USA
  • Duration: 8:24:58


A renowned life coach’s empowering guide that teaches you how to unapologetically define your own standards and stop trying to live up to others’ expectations.

What do you do when life seems to be against you? Rachel Luna has been asking herself this question ever since childhood. She lost both parents to AIDS, spent ten intense years in the Marine Corps, fought Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and faced racism and misogyny throughout her life. Any one of these setbacks could have derailed her life. Yet instead of surrendering to despair, she sought to discover techniques that would help her remain resilient and allow her best self to shine.

Synthesizing everything she learned, the world-renowned life coach created a life-changing program called “Permission Slips” to help anyone learn to let go and get in touch with their core self—to break free of their fear of judgment, have more meaningful conversations, and speak their truths. Following years of success with her clients, Luna now shares her program with the world.

Refreshing, honest, and entertaining, Permission to Offend is filled with practical and manageable tools built around a seven-step framework you can use to set boundaries, stop caring about pleasing others, and go after what you truly want. Accompanied by stories from her life and practice and told in her warm, empathetic voice, Permission to Offend is a must-have guide for stepping into your power and embracing it.


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