Masterstroke: The 48 Most Powerful Negotiation Tactics

  • Author: Francisco Guirado Bernabeu
  • Narrator: Voz Sintética
  • Publisher: Editora Dialética
  • Duration: 4:08:22


A practical guide that will deeply change the way you negotiate and make decisions in a negotiation!
Who has never felt vulnerable after a negotiation after realizing that they did not recognize a tactic their counterpart used?
Just like in a game of chess, negotiation tactics are intentional practices adopted during negotiations in order to produce the desired and predetermined effects on the counterpart you are negotiating with.
For this reason, it is vital to know them, both to improve your understanding of the scenario in which you are negotiating and to know how and when to use them in order to maximize the desired results.
This book compiles the 48 most powerful negotiation tactics, constituting a practical guide that presents not only the description of each tactic but also the explanation of how and why they work, their desired effects, examples of applications, and, mainly, how to neutralize them when they are used against you.
Once you have finished reading, you will certainly be better prepared to understand the negotiations in which you will participate, as well as have at your disposal a real guide to facilitate your decision on how to act during them.
In short: this book is a must-have, it is a practical guide to always have on your side to be ready and willing to negotiate.