The Girl In The Band: Bardot – A Cautionary Tale

  • Author: Belinda Chapple
  • Narrator: Belinda Chapple
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Duration: 4:23:50


This is the story Bardot’s Belinda Chapple has wanted to tell for twenty years – a cautionary tale of exploitation and heartbreak.

In 2000, millions of Australians tuned in to watch Popstars, one of the world’s first reality television competitions, in which five girls were selected from thousands to become members of a new band: Bardot. And Belinda Chapple signed a contract that would turn her life upside down.
Bardot shot straight to fame and Belinda spent the following three years relentlessly rehearsing, recording and touring. The band released two very successful albums, a slew of hit singles, and performed on world stages to thousands of adoring fans.
But Belinda discovered that the life of a popstar could be lonely, and it came with consequences she never saw coming. The impact on her body image was disastrous, and it was impossible to maintain romantic relationships, but at least she had her fellow band members to turn to for support … or so she thought.

The Girl in the Band is a behind-the-curtains look at the ruthlessness of the entertainment industry. Belinda Chapple’s story will resonate with anyone who’s given up everything for a dream, only to have it shatter around them.


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