What To Do Next: Taking Your Best Step When Life Is Uncertain

  • Author: Jeff Henderson
  • Narrator: Jeff Henderson
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Duration: 5:23:15


Read by the author.

If you want to change your career and circumstances but aren't sure how, this practical guide from business leader Jeff Henderson will help you reevaluate your purpose and determine your next best step.

Navigating what's next in life--whether in your career, personal life, or relationships--often brings a level of uncertainty and anxiety and presents more questions than answers. Entrepreneur, speaker, and pastor Jeff Henderson has experienced this firsthand--first when he left his marketing position at Chick-fil-A to start a church and nonprofit, and then again when he left that nonprofit in the middle of a global pandemic to . . . well, he didn't know. He just knew he needed to make a move.

This insightful book outlines the process he used to determine the next best step for him and how you, too, can pursue more meaning and purpose in your life and work. Sharing personal stories and best practices he's learned along the way, he eloquently and practically guides you through the minefield of knowing what's next by helping you:

  • Take the Career Risk Calculator and discover if you're ready for change
  • Plan for change--both the changes you want and the changes you can't see coming
  • Cultivate "optimal options" in your life that will guide you to better decision-making when the time comes
  • Identify what to do and what not to do when making decisions about what's next
  • Exchange fear, confusion, and hopelessness for confidence, freedom, and purpose

The next chapter of your life starts today, with one simple step. And you'll know how to take that step because you know What to Do Next.

An accompanying questionnaire and diagram are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.